Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Ferris Wheel

Months ago we drove by a carnival and Joss wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel. We told her she could go when she was bigger. She associated being bigger with being 4, so for months she would see a carnival and say how excited she was to ride on the Ferris Wheel when she was 4. So when she turned 4 we looked for a little carnival we could take her to to ride her Ferris Wheel.

We actually found this cute little one going on and they were having a great deal at the time we showed up, so we did some of the other rides as well. Jackson was just tall enough for some of them. It turned into a really fun day!

Jackson rode the slide with Shawn. It was a little intimidating:

They had several fun houses, which the kids loved, although Joss nailed a window in a mirror and window maze, which deflated her for a little bit. This one they made it through successfully.

It was a perfect little carnival for kids. They had a few rides that little kids could go on without parents. This one was a big truck ride.

This one was Joss' favorite (besides the ferris wheel). The cars would ride along and then fly around the corners. She would laugh so hard!

Shawn took them on this bee ride. He said it actually got his stomach to turn a little... amateur

Here is Joss on her ferris wheel! She loved it. It scared me a little to have her go up so high, but she wasn't scared at all. She was having so much fun!

It really was a great day. All the carni's were very nice and friendly (I don't know why, but I was so surprised by that) and there were almost no lines. It was fun to just spend some time with the family!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Laveen Stars and Stripes Parade

On the day of Shawn's latest LSAT test, we were lucky enough to be able to be preoccupied with the Laveen annual parade. Our ward put together an amazing float and had matching t-shirts for everyone.

Here is our float - there weren't very many in the parade, so we stood out!

Joss and Jackson had a lot of fun eating the snacks and running around before the parade started.

Everyone was supposed to carry pictures of people in the military. I just carried Jackson.

We got as far as the first block and then we saw Gramma and Grampa and it was all over. It was a fun day. I was impressed with the small town parade. We had a fun time, and it was good to take our mind off what Shawn was up to. We will keep you posted as it comes time to choose a school. We are excited for our future!

Joss is 4!

It is unbelievable that our baby is 4! It's also unbelievable that she's only been with us for 4 years! I can't imagine life without her. She is a "Glowing, Shimering Star in the Cinema Firmamint..."
Happy Birthday, Baby!

She had a slumbler-less slumber party and all her buddies came over for sleepy games and pizza. They were so cute and we had a crazy-fun time!

We went to the Children's museum on her birthday. She got to meet the Toothfairy.

Little Gramma made her a beautiful barbie cake. She was amazed! (it tasted as good as it looked) We had to take the legless barbie out when she wasn't looking, so she wasn't traumatized!

We didn't know how to try to wrap her bike, so we sent her on a little scavenger hunt to find her new bike. She got picture clues and went from clue to clue until she found her bike. Her bike was in the garage, and when she got her clue to go to the garage she looked all over in the garage to find the next clue - her bike was sitting right in the middle of the garage with a big bow. Maybe we shouldn't have made the game more fun than the prize!

In the end - she is crazy about her new bike and doesn't mind wearing her helmet. It's on the big side, but she should be able to ride for a long time.

Random Catch-Up

Where have we been? Busy, I guess! Lame excuse...
We have had some monumental months that I haven't updated. Here are some random pictures that I need to put up.

One of our favorite places is the Phoenix Children's Museum. We were lucky enough to get a culture pass. Joss and Jackson are picking flowers:

What's your sign?

How is it possible for these kids to get cuter? Put them with their dad and get them wet~

Joss came with me to mutual when we were doing face painting. She got her face painted by the pro. I got mine done by Joss. I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out!

Joss + a motorcycle + makeup + dressups = me glad that she is only 4!

Stay tuned - I should have more updates coming right up!