Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vacation in Phoenix

We decided to get out of the heat and we went to a resort about 5 miles away for the night! It was so much fun and it wiped the kids out!

Jackson fell asleep on the lazy river - and didn't wake up during the transfer!

This is Joss's tired face - not to be confused with her grouchy face...

My friend Natalie edited these pics for me. How sweet are our babies!?

The best part is we didn't have to spend a ton on gas! Viva Phoenix!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sod and Gomorrah

... destroyed by brimstone and fire.

After 2 delays in getting our sod, it finally came, but it came a day early, which meant we had to lay it ourselves. My very good friend, Melissa, watched the babies while we layed the sod. It turned out great, but we are both sunburned and sore! It sure felt like we were being destroyed by fire!

IT WAS WORTH IT! Our backyard is now green!