Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day has always been a fun 3 day weekend to go camping, or hang out at the pool or just be with family. This year was the first year we really experienced what Memorial Day is about. I preferred taking it for granted, but it was a nice day to be together and remember Paige.

The kids can make anything fun!

Memorial Day Weekend Campout

"Why did the O'Learys use pictures from January for their Memorial Day Campout post??"

Well - This was May in Montana this year! SNOW over Memorial Day weekend! Delicious Snow!

This was the inside of our tent.

Notice Shawn's fishing hat - courtesy of James. All the MEN still went fishing on the Firehole. They caught TONS of fish and taught Shawn how to do it too!

There was snow in the mornings, but it would usually melt by the middle of the day - followed by a little more snow at night.

We did manage to get some sun and some good pictures. All the "Stovalls" except Caroline's family (boo) were able to make it. Here are James and Sweet Esme:

It took everything I had to get Olive in at least a sweatshirt. She does not like layering clothes.
Here she is with Shelby having some appetizers before dinner a la Jesse and Tricia:

Love cousin time!!

Olive decided to take Gunner on a little walk.

All in all it was a great weekend. I'm bummed I didn't get everyone in a picture, you'll have to surf through the rest of the family to see more pics!