Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Roller Derby

Last Saturday we went with Rod and Kathy to the Roller Derby. The Brawlerinas vs the Surly Gurlies. I thought it was amazing. It took awhile to figure out the rules and how to score points, but once we figured it out it was very exciting and fun to watch.

There wasn't a bad seat in the house (unless you got smashed into by a Brawlerina).

This blurry guy in the green was one of the mens Roller Derby-ers, Quadzilla. He was definitely the best! When he was the jammer, the other team didn't stand a chance. During half time of the girls bout, he had people lay in the lane and he'd jump over them. He kept adding more and more - I couldn't believe he cleared all these people, and I couldn't believe how stupid these people were to lay down there!

Towards the end, Joss informed us that she had finished watching - so we left a little early - but it was fun - something we haven't done before!

Renaissance Festival

Every year for about 8 weekends the Renaissance Fesitval comes to Phoenix. We decided that we should finally go! They have this midevil town set up with jugglers and magicians and they have an amazing jousting show. It was a fun family day.

Here are the knights at the beginning of the jousting tournament. Our knight was the guy in red and he died right away - BOO!

Here are Joss and Jackson next to one of the buildings. They were all so cute!

Joss and Jackson's favorite part was this huge rocking horse. They loved it!

Jack(son) Spratt could eat no fat...

His wife could eat no lean...

And so between the both, you see, they had a great time at the Festival!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why did Shawn have to get new socks?

That is right - Shawn and I played golf yesterday and on this very hole, he got a hole in one!! It was VERY exciting.

So I wonder when we get our BMW? Isn't that what's supposed to happen when you get a hole in one?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to the 50s!

On Wednesday, Shawn's mom turns 50! So we decided to have a SURPRISE Welcome to the 50s party! We all dressed up - the girls in poodle skirts, the boys in white shirts and jeans (it took some coaxing). We then went to dinner - all dressed up.

Here are the kiddos. They were such good sports. They looked perfect!

Here is the whole crew! We were quite the sight!

The boys, sans attitudes:

Cutie girls!

I have to make it clear that the "Welcome to the 50s" means that she is coming in the 50s age-wise. NOT that she was born in the 50s (she missed it by just over 2 months!)
Happy Birthday, Kathy!