Monday, June 18, 2012

Montana 2012 Part 1

We made it to Montana for the summer again.  We LOVE that we get to come and spend our summers out of the Phoenix heat and in the beautiful Big Sky of Montana with good friends and family.

We arrived Memorial Day weekend.  Again, very bittersweet.  It seems appropriate that the past 2 Memorial Days have been overcast and cool. 

Our next weekend we headed to Ennis to play some golf. 
Jackson got to play with the big boys.

Montana golfing at it's finest. 
In the very foreground you can see my Anti-breast cancer ball.  In the middle you can see the antelope and in the distance you can see the pin.

Jackson got some tips from the best golfer on the course.

Good looking crew - and some sunshine in the background!

Last weekend we went camping.  Dad and the boys did some shooting. 
Here is Phase I of ear protection.

Here is Phase II

Fun camping trip!

There is more to come, but as is typical in my postings - don't hold your breath!!