Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joss - Escape 2 Africa

(Go to the bottom of this page and click the triangle to turn off the music for this video)

Monday, February 21, 2011

At the Zoo

We took Mom and Dad to one of our favorite spots - the ZOO!

Here is Jackson with a foxy dragon:

We have never ridden the camels at the zoo before, but it never was the Life's Too Short Tour before:

This guy reminded us of Uncle Jesse:

One of our favorite exhibits:

More with Mom and Dad, Golf, Bowling

We had a little Amazing Race - Bowling Night. It took a couple tries to find a bowling alley that would take us, but once they did - they were stuck with us!

Joss getting some tips from her daddy:

Jackson's favorite thing about bowling - Juice!

Final scores on the final game. Mom got the 216! There are some other pretty great scores on there as well. Shawn's at the 188, and Dad has the not too shabby 154:

My friend Kelli watched Olive and the rest of us played some golf.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life's Too Short Tour 2011: Disneyland

Mom and Dad had planned on coming to Arizona for awhile. I tried to find some fun things to do while they were here and Saturday morning we just decided that nothing was better than Disneyland. We were off early that morning and were in Disneyland that afternoon. I dubbed it our Life's Too Short Tour 2011.

Because I still can't figure out the way the pictures go up on the blog they are really out of order, but it doesn't really matter. There's a ton of pictures on this post, so ENJOY!

It was very fun to be so spontaneous and it was awesome to be with my parents and my family in the Happiest Place on Earth. We did have one incident with Olive that required her wearing only Shawn's t-shirt under a newly purchased sweatshirt, but she didn't seem to mind (although all the other mothers there were giving us looks!).

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

We are figuring out our new life and realizing there's a lot to catch up on the blog.
Our Christmas was nice. We spent it together - just the 5 of us.
We went to the Christmas lights in Glendale on Christmas Eve. We hadn't done that before and it was a beautiful Christmas Eve.

In preschool, Joss made some reindeer food with oats and glitter so the reindeer could find us and have something to eat. It was fun to watch them sprinkle it on the lawn.

Shawn and I were so excited for them to come down Christmas morning, but they were MORE excited. Joss was the first one up and she sat patiently at the top of the stairs for Jackson to wake up so they could go down together.

At the drive in.

Merry Christmas to all, and to Olive... well...

They made out pretty well this year~

Of course the holiday wouldn't be complete without an incident. Olive fell off the top of her Cozy Coupe and landed on a Lego. You can see the Lego circle on her head.