Monday, April 19, 2010


Since it has been MONTHS since I have seen my sweet niece, Esme, I decided it was time to go to Seattle and visit her - and Paige and James! It was just me and Olive traveling this time and it was fun to have some one-on-one time with her - that just doesn't happen very often these days!

On the last day - actually on the way to the airport we went to Pikes Market. It's one of my favorite places. Here are Olive and I with the crabs.

Here we are next to the famous pig - Jesse and Tricia just got their picture here a few weeks before.

Olive and Esme got matchy-matchy "I love my Auntie" shirts - they had to show them off:

We spent a day at the Tulip festival. James' company walked in the Tulip Festival Parade in La Connor - then we went to Tulip Town to get some pictures with the beautiful flowers - Olive and Esme got to be matchy-matchy again!

Shawn got to spend some QT with Joss and Jackson in Phoenix. I got updates daily on the goings-ons. They took 5 PM naps and stayed up till 1 AM, they slept under tables, they got to see How to Train Your Dragon, and spend some time with Little Gramma. I didn't ask a lot about what they were eating (although I did notice about the same amount of fruits and vegetables were still in the fridge when I got back), but when I came back, they were happy and healthy - with the exception of Jackson's eye - apparently no one knows what happened to cause this! When the momma's away...

Thanks to everyone who helped in getting me there. Thanks to Paige and James for taking good care of me while I was there. Thanks to Shawn for being an awesome husband and daddy to be 100% willing to take on this challenge. It was a breeze for him!
I'm so lucky to have this AMAZING family of mine!