Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer has Begun!

Summer has officially began in Phoenix - it is HOT HOT HOT! Here are some pictures of what we have been up to. We have mostly been just eating pizza and hanging out at the pool!

Here is Olive chowing down on pizza and making goofy faces - definitely an O'Leary:

Shawn and the kids at the pool - this is pretty much what our summer is going to be like:

The kids got new sunglasses-

Is this cute or what?! I can not get enough of my kids in the pool!

We picked up Kathy from the airport and decided to go to the Visitor's Center at the Temple. Kathy is amazingly strong and I love this picture of us.

ASU Bound!

Our life has been one crazy rollercoaster for about the last 2 years! We think we know what we're doing and then circumstances change and we start the decision process over.
One thing has worked out in our favor and that is that Shawn was accepted to ASU College of Law! It was one of the best days of my life and we are excited about what that means for our family.

We were able to visit some of the law schools we were considering, but interestingly, we had never visited the ASU Law campus, so we decided to take a day and go check it out.

This is the very important ASU College of Law golf cart:

Shawn with Joss and Jackson in front of the library:

Here they are again walking up to the campus. It was the first time he had been here and it was very exciting!

We are looking forward to this summer and getting to spend some quality time with Shawn before he starts law school. We are so proud of him and are so grateful for the Lord's hand in this. Shawn is more than qualified, but we know we had some extra help!