Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer 2011

We are having a lot of fun enjoying our Montana summer! I have to update the blog and there is a lot to update. Here's what we were up to in June - we got to have Sweet Esme join us for 2 weeks. We loved it!

We made some flip flops. They took longer to make then it took for them to fall apart, but we were able to pull out a picture.

Sweet Esme with flowers for her momma~

We have also done some 4-Wheeling. Here is what your side looks like when you fall off the 4-Wheeler:

More to come!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day has always been a fun 3 day weekend to go camping, or hang out at the pool or just be with family. This year was the first year we really experienced what Memorial Day is about. I preferred taking it for granted, but it was a nice day to be together and remember Paige.

The kids can make anything fun!

Memorial Day Weekend Campout

"Why did the O'Learys use pictures from January for their Memorial Day Campout post??"

Well - This was May in Montana this year! SNOW over Memorial Day weekend! Delicious Snow!

This was the inside of our tent.

Notice Shawn's fishing hat - courtesy of James. All the MEN still went fishing on the Firehole. They caught TONS of fish and taught Shawn how to do it too!

There was snow in the mornings, but it would usually melt by the middle of the day - followed by a little more snow at night.

We did manage to get some sun and some good pictures. All the "Stovalls" except Caroline's family (boo) were able to make it. Here are James and Sweet Esme:

It took everything I had to get Olive in at least a sweatshirt. She does not like layering clothes.
Here she is with Shelby having some appetizers before dinner a la Jesse and Tricia:

Love cousin time!!

Olive decided to take Gunner on a little walk.

All in all it was a great weekend. I'm bummed I didn't get everyone in a picture, you'll have to surf through the rest of the family to see more pics!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There was a lot going on this year for Easter. Gramma and Grampa Brown and Uncle Brandon and Aunt Jessie were in town. We celebrated Olive's birthday. Kathy was in the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple. And we went to the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Betty Fairfax School.

Here is Joss with one of the guards from the pageant.

Jackson thought they were pretty cool too.

We were glad we got there to get a picture with Kathy in her costume. She did an amazing job and worked so hard. The kids got so excited trying to find her in the multitude. It was also so fun having Gramma and Grampa Brown.

I went in early to sign the kids up for the hunt. Shawn brought all the kids in himself.

Here is what Jackson got at the Easter Egg Hunt at the school. Can you tell what his favorite color is? He didn't even consider any egg unless it was orange.

Here's their loot:

They got their faces painted at the hunt too.

I think this guy was a little scared of Olive. This was a friendly as she looked the whole time he was painting her face - no wonder he painted the heart so small!

We did dye some eggs. Jackson thought it was pretty fun!

Catch up!

We've had some fun, but you wouldn't know, because we haven't been very good bloggers lately. Here is a hodge-podge of fun and friends and family over the last few months:

This was the first time we went to the splash pad this year. It was nice and warm and the kids had a lot of fun!

Church goes from 11-2, right in the middle of Olive's nap time. When we get home we usually eat. Olive, trying to be efficient, decided to combine her meal with her nap.

We got to have Auntie Kelli visit for a few days. We went to the zoo and played in the pool and hit the town and loved every minute! We can't wait for her to come back!

We got to have some good days with Sweet Esme! We can't wait to have her stay with us this summer!!

We went to the zoo with our good friends the Gardners. I didn't get a picture with everyone, but this was close!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joss - Escape 2 Africa

(Go to the bottom of this page and click the triangle to turn off the music for this video)

Monday, February 21, 2011

At the Zoo

We took Mom and Dad to one of our favorite spots - the ZOO!

Here is Jackson with a foxy dragon:

We have never ridden the camels at the zoo before, but it never was the Life's Too Short Tour before:

This guy reminded us of Uncle Jesse:

One of our favorite exhibits:

More with Mom and Dad, Golf, Bowling

We had a little Amazing Race - Bowling Night. It took a couple tries to find a bowling alley that would take us, but once they did - they were stuck with us!

Joss getting some tips from her daddy:

Jackson's favorite thing about bowling - Juice!

Final scores on the final game. Mom got the 216! There are some other pretty great scores on there as well. Shawn's at the 188, and Dad has the not too shabby 154:

My friend Kelli watched Olive and the rest of us played some golf.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Life's Too Short Tour 2011: Disneyland

Mom and Dad had planned on coming to Arizona for awhile. I tried to find some fun things to do while they were here and Saturday morning we just decided that nothing was better than Disneyland. We were off early that morning and were in Disneyland that afternoon. I dubbed it our Life's Too Short Tour 2011.

Because I still can't figure out the way the pictures go up on the blog they are really out of order, but it doesn't really matter. There's a ton of pictures on this post, so ENJOY!

It was very fun to be so spontaneous and it was awesome to be with my parents and my family in the Happiest Place on Earth. We did have one incident with Olive that required her wearing only Shawn's t-shirt under a newly purchased sweatshirt, but she didn't seem to mind (although all the other mothers there were giving us looks!).