Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Phoenix Children's Museum

For some reason, even though all our kids are 3 and under, we still have a hard time getting all our schedules to mesh. We finally had a Saturday that we were all together long enough to do something and it was so fun! Thanks to the Culture Pass which made the price nice!
We went to the Phoenix Children's Museum and it was so fun. Joss and Jackson were in heaven and it was nice that we didn't have anything to rush off to - we could just be together as a family and hundreds of strangers.

Here is the entrance to the Museum.

They have this great craft room where the kids can paint this house - it's been painted over and over and over again - the museum loses square footage every day!

I have this same picture (pose) taken just over a year ago -

Cruising around - I don't know who has the better seat:

Olive got to get out and play a bit too.

Joss loved this area - she got to pick out whatever she wanted:

You can see in Jackson's eyes that they were ready to go at this point.

It was a lot of fun - how great is it to be a family?!
Special thanks to Ampy Paige for supplying the clothing for the O'Leary kids.