Tuesday, January 27, 2009

M-O-N-T-A-N-A, Montana, I love you!

We just got back from 10 days in Montana! No one wants to go from Phoenix to Montana in January, so we got some cheap flights! (Thanks, Mom and Dad!!) Caroline and Charlee were able to join us too and we packed tons of non-stop fun into 10 days! I put Mom and Caroline to work on projects for my house, I had a horrible bout with hives that I didn't think I'd recover from, we saw Auntie Kelli at Carroll, met up with my awesome friends from high school, did some kick-butt (and some days sweat-free) Jazzercise, visited Great Gramma Stovall and Auntie Ann and Great Gramma and Grampa Brown, got in plenty of sales-tax-free shopping, ate at the best local places, and put up with sub-zero temperatures.

The pictures ended up a bit out of order, but I don't think you'll lose too much of the highlights!

Here are all the grandbabies. This was taken on the last day and took about 15 minutes to get them all somewhat sitting together! They are wiggly!

Charlee, Jackson, Sophie, and Joss

We went to Burger King to play in the playplace - it was about 4 degrees this day so we did as much indoors as we could. We tried to get all the kids together, but it was nearly impossible, especially with this little girl in blue that wanted to be in all the pictures!

This is in the Montana history portion of the Museum of the Rockies. We made sure no one was looking and propped Jackson up on the cannon with Grampa. He probably has something similar in his safe...

Here is Joss at the Museum of the Rockies next to the Torosaurus. She made the comment "I don't like dinosaurs, I like kitties!" Mom's allergic, baby... Hello Kitty will have to suffice!

Great Gramma Brown was able to meet us at the museum and get some more time in with the kids. Great Grampa Brown also came all the way back from Lewistown to visit one day too. It's awesome to be loved!

Here is a picture of Joss in front of a scientist cleaning up some bones. Notice the AZ shoes she is wearing? You can take the Arizonan out of Arizona...

The hill at the bus stop isn't as steep or as long as I remembered it when I was a kid. We all went down and played in the snow!

Gramma pulled Joss and Jackson all around the backyard!

We made it to the cabin one day and Auntie Ann helped Joss and Jackson sit on Powder River! That was a highlight for them!

It is never fun to leave, but it is always worth the trip! We came, we trashed, we left, and loved every minute! Phoenix gave us nice, warm Welcome Home with Temperatures near 70. Can't wait to do this again!