Monday, February 11, 2008

Mom and Dad in AZ!

We love having visitors and just said goodbye to some of our favorites this morning :0(
Here are some pictures of the hightlights when Gramma and Grampa Stovall came to visit...

Mom and Dad on the jetskis - a little different background than what you find in MT!

Grampa always has to fish - this time he has a helper!

Don't fall asleep when we're having fun, or you will get your picture posted online!

Here is cutie Jackson in his cutie swim suit his Gramma and Grampa got him!

We also played a ton of golf, but for some reason didn't get any pics! Joss and Jackson want Buh Buh and Buh Buh to come back and visit soon!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Joss Turns 2!

Joss turned 2 on 2-2 and so she had a tu-tu party!

Here are all the girls getting stickers after their ballet lesson!

Here is Joss in her very special tu-tu. She picked out the color - Gramma Stovall made it!

Here is one of her most useful gifts!

See - Jackson can use it too!

Here is her family party - she is blowing out the candles on her Elmo cake her Little Gramma made her.