Thursday, March 15, 2012

Springtime update

Arizona is one of the smart states that doesn't do daylight savings time. I figured it would be good to use the hour I didn't lose to update the blog (after I was gently reminded by my friend that I needed to update it since I put it on my St. Patrick's Day card!)

Joss celebrated her 100th day of school by wearing 100 stickers!

My baby turned 6 last month. Here's a quick shot of her princess birthday party!

Happy Valentine's Day! The best way to celebrate is heart shaped pizza! I do love pizza~

We try to get a zoo pass most years. It's some of the best money we can spend. We can bring friends and the Phoenix Zoo has to be one of the best in the country. We LOVE the zoo. Jackson recently told me that his favorite word is "zoo", because he loves going to the zoo! Here are some zoo pics from the last month or so:

Here are the kids with their new friend, Madilyn. Notice Olive finds the most dangerous place to pose (and I still take the picture).

Brandon and Jessie joined us one day - this was Jessie's first trip to the zoo! We couldn't believe it!

One of our favorite exhibits is the monkey house where there are no cages. We're always a little surprised they don't make us leave Olive.

The peacocks walk around the zoo - this one had it's beautiful tail up, but I couldn't get the picture fast enough. Olive is doing her best to duplicate it!

Just yesterday we went with the Kramarczyks.

Last weekend we were able to go to Kathy's friend, David's baptism:

After the above picture, the below picture happened. We can't wait for Uncle Brandon to be a daddy - he'll be awesome~

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